How about making your own wedding dress patterns?

Shocked! It seems difficult but you can make your own wedding dress. Although it will a time-consuming process and it will take lots of efforts but the result that you will get will fill you with satisfaction and joy. You just have to go to a store, pick fabrics, and choose right dress pattern and right materials, that’s it! However, start preparation beforehand so that you complete your dress before the wedding date. Starting beforehand will also give you enough time for deciding which material goes right with you or not.

How to start?

To get started, first try your sewing skills on different cloth and find out whether you can try on the main cloth of wedding dress or not. It will give you a taste of what are you good at and what you can do with your dress. Once you are done with this little experiment, go through these steps.

Step 1- choose the pattern

Start with choosing a right pattern for your wedding. Choose a pattern that is easy to sew if you are a beginner. If you are familiar with sewing, choose the typical pattern. Determine the size of cloth and pick all the materials that will be needed. You will need materials like underlining, muslin fabric, vinyl measuring tape, seam ripper, interfacing, thread, boning, etc…

Step 2- pick bridal fabric

You will need a silk fabric. Go to the store and ask for beautiful bridal fabrics. You can also take help from the internet or from your friends about the fabric.

Step 3- look for any changes

Once you have collected all materials and fabric then look for any changes. See, what your wedding dress should look like. Decide whether you want sleeves in your dress or not. Decide before cutting or pinning any muslin fabric.

Step 4- create muslin mock-up

Creating a mock-up is just a waste of time, that’s the way many girls think but once you end up making mistakes then your mind will change. So, don’t take the risk and try making muslin mock-up. Muslin is cheap and thus it’s easy to try making a mock dress before you actually get started with the final cloth. You can cut, pin, stretch or tug and try whatever you like to make your wedding dress perfect.

Step 5- alter a paper pattern

Once you have designed your muslin dress, take the paper pattern out. Now, lay out the bridal fabric and be careful about the right fabric. Cut all the pieces carefully, remove the paper, and mark the lines on the fabrics using pins all along the way where you will be sewing it. if afraid of making mistakes, first put the pieces together and then use pins.

Step 6- sew it

Next step is to sew your wedding dress. If you are using a light fabric, use lace or rough fabric.  You can also give fluffiness to your dress by adding crinolines.

Step 7- last preparations

As a light step, use hand steamer to steam any wrinkles or dark spots before going to the wedding spot.

So, upcoming brides try making your own wedding dress and make your day more memorable.

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