How to design your own bridal set?

A wedding is the most important event in everyone’s life and everybody try to do something unique on his/her wedding to make it memorable. Right from the decoration, shopping for the bridal dress, jewelry and inviting friends and relatives, every work should be done in time. However, when it comes to bridal set, no bride would want to wear an outdated set that does not look pretty on her. Especially when many wide options are available in a market that enables us to customize our jewelry then who want to compromise with the available bridal set pattern.

Recommendations for designing bridal set

With advancement in today’s technology, everything is possible and thus customizing bridal set is not a difficult and impossible task. You can design it through an online store or take help from expert designers at the convenience of your home. However, before starting it you should choose the metal or gemstones for jewelry very carefully. What are different metals available on the market? Let’s see.

Choose your own metal for the bridal set


It is a durable option for making wedding band or ring. However, it’s not cheap and thus not the first options of many but it offers the highest durability and thus can be used for long term. It is used in the variety of designs and thus can be the best option for any kind of bridal set.


The second and best option is palladium as it is also durable and also used in the variety of styles and designs. Similar to platinum, it is also hypoallergenic but it differs in term of weight as it is lighter than platinum. However, you will not find many jewelers compatible of working with palladium so if this is your option then you will hardly get a designer.


Gold is the common choice of many but if you choose white gold then it can be terrific as it requires rhodium plate for its maintenance. Also, remember that white gold can be allergic if you are allergic to nickel. For custom designed rings and bands, 18k gold is good as it is durable.

Sterling silver

This metal is not durable like others and thus requires utmost care. However, if the price is your concern then go for sterling silver.

Apart from these metals, you can also add diamonds and gemstones to your customized bridal set. Diamonds are available in different styles of cut; here are some specific diamond cuts for you:

Choose your style of diamond cut

  • Round cut diamond is the most popular one as it offers maximum brilliance.
  • Princess and radiant diamond cuts are two more options that offer excellent brilliance. The radiant cut diamond doesn’t have sharp corners like princess cut and thus a safe option.
  • Emerald and cushion diamond cuts are good for vintage jewelry. However, both of these don’t have maximum brilliance and don’t hide flaws (if any).
  • Unique diamond cuts look good with a customized bridal set. Some examples are heart-shaped, pear-shaped or Asscher and marquise cut.

You can also add gemstones to your designed rings but remember that it should score high on Moh’s hardness scale.

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